Family Business Unit, Ireland were delighted today to deliver their Introduction to Contingency Planning for Family Business workshop today in Local Enterprise Office Carlow offices, Enterprise House, Carlow.

The Contingency Planning course is one of the Family Business Unit’s signature courses and LEO Carlow was the first LEO in Ireland to offer the programme to their clients.

The workshop covered such topics as:

  • The Family Business Dynamic
  • Effects of Unexpected Events on Stakeholders
  • Contingencies & De-Railers
  • Emergency Team Planning
  • Personalising the Contingency Plan

From the course, participants gained:

  • Enhanced skills & deeper awareness
  • Shared experience from Peers and Best Practice
  • Effective Tools and Processes that can be implemented immediately

Many of the 10 participants on the course came from the same local Family Businesses which provided an unprecedented opportunity for them to begin and agree their Emergency and Contingency Planning on the day.

Family Business Unit, Ireland hope to offer similar programmes in Carlow in the future.

For more information on the range of Family Business training programmes offered by the Family Business Unit, Ireland – contact us here.